Monday, 23 January 2017

Honda CBR 125 best selling parts add on extras ( tuning )

I have just had a search and looked at some best selling add ons for your Honda CBR 125

So here we go ,

1) The best selling  aftermarket item is the AKRAPOVIC  Sports exhaust  you can buy these from here Expensive but top sellers

Honda CBR 125
Buy Akrapovic here 

2) Scorpion tail pipe came next on the best sellers list i see why very nice , buy here 

Honda CBR 125

Buy scorpion here 

3)  Honda CBR 125 Custom body kits - good seller probably for rebuilds , buy here 

Honda CBR 125
Honda CBR 125
Buy fairing kits here                                                                                                                         

4) Complete Scorpion exhausts , very good sellers , buy here 

Honda CBR 125

Buy full scorpion exhausts here 

5) GENUINE Honda CBR125R Front Shock Absorbers Forks  , odd one but over 10 sets sold this month alone so good sellers   buy these here

Honda CBR 125

Buy new CBR 125 forks here

One last one   A real nice well price full exhaust system buy here 

Honda CBR 125

Buy delkavic Exhausts here 

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