Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Honda CBR 125 Full service maintenance checks

Honda CBR 125 what i do when i fully service my bikes

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in no particular order

- clean bike thoroughly 
- check bike over for wear / damage and items needing replacing 
- oil filter clean and oil replacement 
- Clean the air filter and replace if necessary 
- change the spark plug no matter what condition 
- check and adjust the tappets , valve clearances
- check the contact points condition and ignition timing 
- check and oil / adjust chain and sprockets
- check change inflate tyres 
- check and adjust tick over 
- check clean replace any fuel filters fitted 
- check all fuel pipes and tank for signs of damage or leaks 
- check the clutch adjustment and operation 
- check the brake operation and wear , replace any components that are damaged or worn 
- check wheels for condition and damage , i clean mine regular and protect with silicone spray 
- check the suspension , forks and dampers for leakage and correct operation 
- check steering moves freely and smoothly .

that is about it ,  i do all this every year , keep on top of your bikes maintenance .

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