Monday, 23 January 2017

Honda CBR 125 Bore kits ( how fast )

We all want more power so lets look what bore kits are available out there

Athena 170 bore kit   BUY HERE 

The Athena 170cc kit for Honda CBR 125cc injection models features an aluminium cylinder with nickel-carbide coating designed with wider water jackets for more efficient cooling. A cast-lite piston with rings, gudgeon pin, circlips and a full top end gasket set. Also included in the kit is the new ECU that dramatically changes the RPM curve of the engine. This comes out at 16.8 HP on the dyno and the graph shows the power coming straight in at 6000 RPM thanks to the new Athena ECU.

Athena 170 bore kit   BUY HERE 


Athena 166 bore kit -  Buy here  

aluminum cylinder treated nickel-carbide.
Special design increasing the volume of forged Piston coolant, skirts coated with molybdenum disulfide treatment.


Honda CBR 125 R JC34 04-05 Cylinder Kit Honda 167cc - Buy here 

Technical Information:
Material of cylinder: Aluminium
Type of cooling: water-cooled
Bore: 67 mm Stroke: 47.2 mm Displacement: 166.4 cc Compression ratio: 11,4:1 Piston pin diameter: 13 mm
Cylinder Head: Not included
Maximum power at crankshaft: 33,25 HP / 10400 rpm

Buy Here 


Read a good post here from a japanese blogger about fitting the bore kits

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