Thursday, 19 January 2017

Honda CBR 125 R Pick up coil testing ( no spark test )

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Pick up coil is a major part in the timing and producing of the spark , so if this fails you may not get a spark at all or it with be out of time both causing not start poor running conditions.

Its an easy test .

Find the pick up coil and note the wire colours

Pick up coil wires are Blue and green find them at
the terminal it shares with stator coil wires 

Test between these 2 wires and note you reading 

Set meter to ohms 

Find the 2 pick up coil wires you need 
blue and green

Im getting 113 ohms 

This pick up coil had a reading of 112.3 ohms so if its close to this is should be a good 
unit , ill update when i have specific readings but this was from a running bike .

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